The Advantages Of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette, new technology can replace the regular cigarettes

The electronic cigarette, new technology can replace the regular cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are seen as an alternative to the traditional cigarette and seen as one of the best alternatives according to news this week, so if you are thinking of using these devices then you should consider the different advantages you could get from the electronic cigarette. You should also compare this to what you get from the tobacco-based cigarettes that you might already be smoking.

1. The cost

The overall cost of smoking electronic cigarettes and e liquid is much lower than smoking a traditional cigarette. While this might not seem like the case when you look at the fee of starter kits you should consider what happens with the refills.
The starter kits you purchase initially are going to be more expensive than traditional cigarettes because you are getting the electronic cigarettes and all the associated accessories. Once you have the starter kit you will see that the refills cost less than a pack of traditional cigarettes – a definite payment perk!

2. Electronic cigarettes are considered to be healthier

While there is some debate about the risks of electronic cigarettes there is one thing that is sure, and this is the fact that they are healthier than traditional cigarettes. The number of chemicals placed into traditional tobacco-based cigarettes cause them to harm your body. Furthermore, the fact that you are inhaling smoke is also something that can damage the lungs. The good electronic cigarettes will not have the chemicals that you find with traditional cigarettes. As you are inhaling vapor with these devices and not smoke, thus you are not going to be suffering the risks of smoke inhalation. Of course, there are many people who feel that the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes still need to be looked into.

3. Areas where the electronic cigarette can be used

Electronic cigarettes can be used in more places than traditional cigarettes. This is due to the lack of regulations that come with electronic cigarettes. The use of traditional cigarettes is limited to certain areas, but this is not the case with electronic cigarettes which means that you can smoke the electronic cigarette where you want to. Of course, you need to consider the rules that the establishment you are in will have. There are certain establishments that do not allow you to use electronic cigarettes within them. You need to check this before you start using the device as this will make the entire experience better.

Final words on the matter

As can be seen, the use of electronic cigarettes can be very beneficial when compared to smoking traditional tobacco-based cigarettes.

Find A Great E Cigarette Starter Kit Today!

Electronic-CigarettesIf an e cigarette starter kit is something you’ve been looking into getting, then you need some information about it first. Here you’re going to get a number of tips on this sort of thing. If this sounds like it will interest you, then keep reading to get more information.

Always be sure that you’re not smoking an e-cigarette without realizing that there are chemicals in it that can be addictive. They generally contain nicotine, so if you don’t want to get addicted to that powerful chemical, then you should either stay away from electronic cigarettes or you should just make sure you get a variety with no nicotine in it. It’s really tough for most people to kick a habit they have to nicotine because it’s very addictive. Just know that before you get started so you don’t end up addicted when you didn’t want that to happen in the first place.

Read everything that comes with your e cigarette starter kit to see if there are any precautions you have to take when you use the device. You also need to know how it operates, how to charge it, and basically everything you need to know about it to get it to work for you. If you just throw away the instructions without reading them then there’s no telling if you’re using the kit properly. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the instructions, it may be a good idea to get into touch with that company’s customer service department.

See if you can’t find a deal on the website of the e-cig manufacturer so you can get a better deal when you buy your starter kit. Sometimes you can get quite a bit of money off if you just do the right kind of research on all of these things. You need to be sure that you’re working hard at looking for deals so you know that you’re getting the best price for whatever you’re trying to buy. It’s a good idea to keep saving so you can buy more things to help with your nicotine cravings.

You need to make sure that you address a broken e-cigarette as soon as possible when you notice that it’s not working right. The longer you wait, the less of a chance you will have at getting your money back or a different product sent to you for the broken one. Generally the companies that make these things are really good about letting you replace something that hasn’t been working right for you. Just make sure you’re not throwing away the receipts or anything that you get so that you can prove to the people where you bought it from that you did buy it there.

Once you realize that an e cigarette starter kit is something you can try easily with the above tips, you’re in good shape. Take the great advice you just read and put it to good use to see the results you want to get.

E Cigarette Reviews – Which Ones To Smoke?

One of the best choices that you can make is to decide to stop smoking. There are many remedies on the market, some of which are over-the-counter, whereas others you need a prescription for. Although pharmaceutical treatments have proven to be effective for some people, like most every other remedy that has come out, they either do not last for very long, or they have no effect on a person’s addiction to nicotine. Since nicotine seems to be the problem, if you could stop smoking without actually stopping your habit, wouldn’t it be beneficial to try this method out if it did exist? Electronic cigarettes have provided thousands of people with a venue apart from traditional cigarettes, allowing them to stop smoking, sometimes within a few days. Here are some tips on choosing the best electronic cigarettes that can help you and your addiction to tobacco-based cigarette products.

Which Ecig Is Best?

There are some electronic cigarettes that many people will use it more than others, sometimes based upon notoriety and reputation, whereas others are simply better than the rest. However, it’s subjective to some degree in that each person smokes a different type of cigarettes, and therefore the replacement for that cigarette might not be the same for each person. That’s why many of these companies offer starter kits where you can order a small package to get a feel, any taste, for these products. Usually priced at around $50, give or take 20 bucks, you can try out ecigs from different companies. The best one is typically a subjective opinion, but here are a few companies that are leading the pack in regard to the e cigarette revolution.

V2 or Green Smoke?

V2 or Green Smoke

Two of the leaders in the industry are V2 and Green Smoke. V2 is the leader in sales, and probably profits, primarily because they charge more for their cigarettes than most of the others. Green smoke has a reputation for replicating the taste of actual cigarettes, something that is actually very hard to do because you’re working with flavored water vapor. Since the smoke is gone, that sensation will definitely not be there, but you can always replicate the nicotine in regular cigarettes. Unfortunately, most of the companies that do this are either off on the flavor, the amount of nicotine provided in each puff, and how the cigarettes actually make you feel. You have to remember that cigarette smoking is not just about the nicotine, or the smell of the smoke, but the actual feeling that you have once you are done exhaling. This is something that both V2 and Green Smoke are able to do very easily, and why you might want to consider trying a starter pack from either one of these companies.

Why Choose E Cigarettes Over Tobacco Cigarettes?

There is absolutely no argument that smoking tobacco cigarettes is a very foolish thing to do, indeed. There really is absolutely nothing good about it. From start to finish, the tobacco industry ravages everything it touches.

Growing tobacco depletes the soil. The chemicals that are used to grow it pollute our aquifers and waterways. People who work in the tobacco industry get sick and die at astonishing rates. All this is just the beginning.

The production of cigarettes and other tobacco products wastes energy and causes pollution. The product, itself, bankrupts the users and destroys their health and the health of those around them.

Tobacco cigarettes cause the vast majority of forest fires and house fires. Additionally, the disposal of cigarette butts and packaging cause a serious litter and pollution problem.

Are E Cigarettes Really Better?

Well, seriously, how could they not be better?

E cigarettes contain only one of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes, and that is nicotine. While nicotine is an addictive substance, it is not believed to be a carcinogen. The other ingredients found in e cigs are water, food grade flavors and food grade glycerin or propylene glycol.

These ingredients produce the steam inhaled by the person using the e cig. This steam dissipates in the air surrounding the user so quickly that it is barely discernible to others and does not pose any threat at all.

Unless you are using an e cig that is old or faulty or has been modified in some unapproved way, you cannot start a fire with an e cig. They just don’t get that hot, and there is no flame.

While nicotine used in e liquids does come from tobacco, the amount of tobacco needed to provide the same amount of nicotine to the user is less than with tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that this distilled, pharmaceutical grade nicotine is highly concentrated from a smaller amount of original product. Additionally, the user of the e cig has complete control over the amount of nicotine consumed.

People working in the e cig industry work in sterile, laboratory-like settings. They do not perform backbreaking labor or get covered with pesticides and random nicotine as they work.

E cig batteries are reusable, rechargable and recyclable. E liquid cartridges are recyclable and can be refilled if desired. Each cartridge usually equals about 1.5 packs of cigarettes. It is easy to see that disposing of e cigarette debris poses little threat to the environment.

If all this were not enough, two very glaring facts make e cigarettes a better choice than tobacco cigarettes. They are less expensive, and they are less dangerous to your own personal health. Clearly, electronic cigarettes are the safer smoking alternative.

Benefits of E Cigarettes – v – Traditional Cigarettes

There are numerous benefits for people to switch to e cigarettes instead of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. These include:

  • The Odor – tobacco cigarettes smell, there is no getting away from that fact. They make a person’s breathe smell, their hands smell; their clothes smell, the room smell (if they smoke indoors) and everything else smell which comes into contact with the cigarette or the smoke. Did I mention the ashtray? No – well they smell too.
  • The Price – although it may cost a few bucks to get started with e cigarettes once you have the basic equipment it works out much cheaper than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes are extremely expensive these days, it’s a wonder that anybody can afford to do it anymore. Oh, hang on – they are addictive aren’t they. Once you start it’s very difficult to stop so you end up spending money on cigarettes which is really needed elsewhere.
  • The Safety – traditional cigarettes involve setting light – aka burning – tobacco. This naturally involves fire. Did you know that cigarettes are the number one fire hazard and are directly responsible for the majority of fires in the home as well as wild fires? Carelessly discarded cigarettes can smolder and burn for a long time setting fire to people’s homes causing devastation, destruction and even death. The red hot cherry can also burn through clothes, furniture and other things. Smoking a traditional cigarette is dangerous in so many ways. E cigarettes, on the other hand do not involve burning anything at all. There is no smoke, there is no fire, there is just vapor.
  • Your Health – there are some arguments which say that e cigarettes haven’t been around for long enough for anyone to know the long term health benefits or dangers involved in their use, but we all know about the dangers of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes don’t we? Many people who switch to e cigarettes report that they feel healthier in a short space of time so, as far as I’m concerned – enough said!
  • The Social Aspects – cigarette smokers are rapidly becoming social outcasts with no smoking areas popping up all over the place. Traditional cigarettes carry a multitude of health warnings which affect not only the person smoking the cigarette but also anyone in the vicinity. Although it is still debatable in some areas whether e-cigarettes can be smoked in a no smoking area they are less socially disagreeable.
    These are just a few of the many benefits you will find if you make the switch to e-cigarettes.


The Logic Of E-Cigarettes

e-cigarettes-ukE-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes have become quite a phenomenon over the past several years, and as the concept has matured, more and more companies have entered the marketplace.

Some of the first major entrees were started around 2010, and things took off from there. E-cigarettes are containers that hold a small capsule of a liquid glycol that is heated by a small battery, creating a vapor that looks and feels just like cigarette smoke.

The vapor can be inhaled and exhaled, just like a cigarette. Different flavors can be added for variety, even nicotine. The nicotine is real, not just a flavor, so a cigarette smoker can adjust the amount to roughly equal the level in prior cigarettes. This gives the person a similar nicotine “hit”, but without all of the dangers of tobacco smoke.

There are over 200 cancer-causing chemicals contained in cigarette smoke and it has been proven that lung cancer is a direct result of smoking cigarettes. Plus the fact that tobacco smoke leaves a tar inside the lungs which kills the air sacs that transfers oxygen to the body.

So, a person can ‘smoke,’ or ‘vape’ as it is called, and enjoy the process without having to worry about all of the negative factors from actual cigarettes.

Flavors can be inserted into the experience with tastes such as chocolate, vanilla, cherry, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, peanut butter, menthol, peppermint, and many others. Vaping containers have taken on shapes and colors that defy the imagination, and have gotten away from the traditional cigarette shape in many cases.

To give weight to the emerging seriousness of this market, the tobacco giant of Lolliard recently purchased Blu-Ecigs, and RJ Reynolds has come out with its own line of e-cigarettes.

Many people originally started out with the e cigs as a way to quit smoking tobacco products, as they could start with a nicotine level that approximated their former cigarette brand, and then lower the level over time until it was nothing.

There are really no statistics that reveal just how successful this was in getting people to quit tobacco, but one thing is for sure, there are certainly better off by not being subjected to the tobacco.

There is talk in many jurisdictions of just how these new devices should be regulated, but as of now there is not much in the way of a consensus. It almost seems that it appears to governments to be a new source of tax revenue, the that remains to be seen.